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Nicholas James, King's College London

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UltraMicroPump (UMP3) (one) with SYS-Micro4 Controller

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The Nanofil syringe with injection kit is ideal for working with an UMP3 UMP3

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Data Sheet
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  • Versatile injector uses microsyringes to deliver picoliter volumes
  • Syringes are easily installed, just snap the barrel into the clamps
  • Threaded shaft drives syringe plunger allowing smooth and accurate movement

 Picoliter volumes

With its digital controller, UltraMicroPump III can dispense as little as 600 picoliters per incremental advance of the syringe piston (using a 0.5μL syringe). Syringes may be filled externally and then inserted into the pump or filled while mounted in the pump. Fluids injected or withdrawn are held entirely within the micro syringe to maintain a low fluid dead volume.


For positioning, the UltraMicroPump III may be attached to any of several WPI micropositioners such as the M3301 (manual), DC3001 (motorized), or any manual stereotaxic manipulator.

Smart Controller

An Integral component in the UMPIII system is a microprocessor-based controller, SYS-MICRO4, which provides an "intelligent" and easy-to-use interface to up to four syringe pumps. Operating parameters are set with the membrane key­pad and LCD display. From the key­pad the user can select the following functions: set pump to infusion or withdrawal mode, enter the volume to be infused or withdrawn, rate of delivery, and syringe type as well as synchronize the starting and stopping of any combination of syringe pumps. User parameters can be stored in the device's "non-volatile" memory for instant recall when the unit is powered on. An optional footswitch can be plugged into a connector on the rear of the controller for "hands free" start/stop operation. Computer Control - An RS-232 port on the rear of the controller can be used to connect it to a computer for use with computer control programs.



Total # of Steps 20,000(63mm travel)
Minimum Dispensing Volume 0.58nL/step (10μL syringe)
Linear Motion per Step 3.175μm
Weight 325g (11.5 oz.)
Mounting Rod Diameter 7.9mm (0.31 in.)
Controller Power Requirements  2A, 12VDC
Dimensions Ø32mm x 190mm (1.3 in. x 7.5 in.)

Precision is increased eight fold.


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Footswitch for SYS-Micro4 Controller. Hands-free activation of microinjection pump.

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FrameWorks V-Base Kit - Small

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Extension Cable for DLS100 and UMP3 - 10 foot (3m) cable

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UltraMicroPump (head only)

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NanoFil 10uL syringe

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Four channel micro controller

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UltraMicroPump (head only)

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