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Fibre Optic pH Meter

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pH Optica Instruction Manual
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A nover fiber optic pH system

pHOptica™ is a pH measuring system which uses fiber optic sensors and patented DLR technology. This method allows referenced measurements with single excitation to be implemented.

Features of pHOptica Meter

  • Single-channel, compact, easy to transport fiber-optic meter for pH measurements with miniature sensors
  • Two 12-bit, programmable analog outputs, with electrical isolation
  • One external trigger input, with electrical isolation
  • Computer with RS232 interface required for operation
  • User-friendly software saves and visualizes measured values
  • Several pHOptica meters can be connected to one computer
  • Temperature variation is recorded using a temperature sensor

Features of pH Optical Sensors

  • No reference electrode is needed
  • Immune to electrical interferences and magnetic fields
  • Low drift
  • High spatial resolution due to small tip size
  • Measurement in very small sample volumes
  • Additional optical isolation of the sensor tip is available for measurements in colored or photosynthetically active samples


The pHOptica micro system is a single channel pH system for use with fiber optic micro sensors. The applications include:

  • Penetration or implantation into living tissue (heart, muscle or animal blood vessels)
  • Soil implantation for pH measurement
  • Implantation into customer-made housing

To protect the small glass fiber tip from breakage, the manufacturer designes suitable housings and tubings around it. The design you choose will be based on your application.

The needle-type housing sensor (502123) protects the fiber in an 18 ga. stainless steel needle. The fiber has to be extended during measurement. It penetrates through the septum.

The implantable sensor (502124 ) has no housing, allowing for implantation into an animal's blood circuits or soil implantation. Build your own housings to suit your needs with this flexible sensor design.

Micro Sensor Features

  • Tip size 140μm
  • Drift of 0.1pH units for 2000 measurements (16 hours measurement in the 30 sec data update mode)


Data Interface  RS232
Sample Rate  1 sample per second
Measuring pH Range  5-9
Resolution (at 20°C) ±0.03 (microsensors); ±0.01 (minisensors)
Response Time  < 1 min
Dimensions 185 x 110 x 45mm 
Weight 630g
Power Supply  100-220V AC




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Fibre Optic pH Meter

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