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Dr Gary Lawrence, Dublin City University

WPI are my preferred supplier for tissue and cell recording instrumentation. In my experience, WPI representatives have an excellent level of technical expertise and they have always responded in a timely manner with the most helpful, patient and instructive advice to aid the development of the o...
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UStretch - A versatile uniaxial benchtop mechanical tester

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CS-USTRETCH BioRakes Mechanical Grip Design and save your test protocols. Then use the real-time force/displacement graphs to validate Optional imaging system allowsto verify specimen strains and strain uniformity

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  • Test specimen as small as 3x3mm up to 20x100mm
  • Multiple attachment options
  • Quality, cost-effective testing
  • Imaging and temperature controlled fluid baths available

The UStretch makes it possible to carry out dependable, mechanical testing of soft materials for a reasonable price.


Typical applications include  hydrogels, skin, muscle, blood vessels, heart valves, ligaments, sclera and scaffolds.


You can test specimen as small as 3x3mm and as large as 20x100mm.
Deformation rates can be as high as 50mm/s and applied forces can be monitored at 100Hz. Load control is also possible, and simple or complex protocols can be specified. A variety of load cells are available, with force resolutions as low as 1mN and capacities as high as 100N.


Optional image tracking and analysis software allows images to be analyzed to identify and quantify strain non-uniformities and regional property variations (like those in the specimen to the right).
Test protocols can be saved and modified. Real-time force and displacement graphing facilitates test validation.




Seiler TG, Fischinger I, Senfft T, Schmidinger G, Seiler T. Intrastromal application of riboflavin for corneal crosslinking. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2014;55:4261–4265. DOI: 10.1167/iovs.14-14021




MicroSquisher - Micro-scale compression system

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