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Programmable Motorized Micromanipulator & Controller

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Manipulator Care
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SM325 Instruction Manual
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MCL3 Instruction Manual
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  • Suitable for patch clamp and IVF
  • Low noise, high stability, and user-friendly software interface
  • Includes controller


WPI introduces a compact high precision motorized micromanipulator (SM325). It features low noise, high stability, a user-friendly software interface and economy that are major concerns in IVF and patch clamp research.

Stepping motor and travel

The SM325 is driven in all three axes through high resolution stepping motors, which can achieve 40,000 steps per revolution (25 nm/step) with completely vibration-free motion. In a normal lab environment, it can stay localized overnight without drifting. The 25mm long range of travel makes it unnecessary to have an additional manual coarse adjustment.

Mount to microscope

Its compact construction makes mounting onto the stage plate of a microscope practical. The x-axis can be tilted by 90° that allows for a better positioning of the injection tool. An additional tilting fixture makes it possible to tilt the tool holder for fast and easy cleaning and exchange of the injection tool.


The MCL3 controller features a dynamic micro-step function that makes very quick positioning possible with maximum accuracy. Motor control is achieved with a linear output amplifier, which also drastically reduces electronic noise. Users can control the micromanipulators by joystick, keyboard, mouse or computer. The user-friendly software program can be enabled to remember up to 999 position coordinates from previous procedures and can robotically repeat this same positioning sequence.
















CONTROL METHOD Joystick, software, or both
TRAVEL DISTANCE  25 mm each axis
RESOLUTION 25 nm/step or 40,000 steps/rev
MAXIMUM SPEED 4 mm/second
POWER SUPPLY 120/240V, 50/60Hz
DIMENSIONS: 5x7x5.5 in. (13x18x14 cm) (WxLxH)
DIMENSIONS: MCL3 9.8x9x3.7 in. (25x23x9.5 cm) (WxLxH)
SHIPPING WEIGHT: SM325-M 6 lb. (2.7 kg)
SHIPPING WEIGHT: MCL3 11 lb. (5 kg)



Sarles, S. A. and D. J. Leo (2009). "Tailored Current--Voltage Relationships of Droplet-Interface Bilayers Using Biomolecules and External Feedback Control." Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 20(10): 1233-1247.


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