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Dr Andy MacKenzie, University of the West of Scotland

I have had dealings with WPI for several years and have consistently found their customer service to be second-to-none. They have always provided fast and insightful responses to any technical query and such support has been of enormous help to my laboratory.
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OEM Optical Fibre Manufacture - your OEM Partner for Qualified Fiber, Assemblies, Probes and Flow Cells

OEM Optical Fibre Manufacture - your OEM Partner for Qualified Fiber, Assemblies, Probes and Flow Cells

We provide OEM fiber optic cable, fiber assemblies, probes, optical flow cells and optical sensors that are designed, manufactured and tested to deliver repeatability from one assembly to the next. A trusted partner for reliable optical measurements we offer:Qualified optical fiber for UV Instrumentation products providing pre-defined parameters or end user specified parametersBifurcated and cross fiber assemblies of different core diameter and fiber length. Customization is also possible. For Y-assemblies and X-assembliesLiquid Waveguide Capillary Cell (LWCC) with long pathlengths for small sample volumesLow Volume Flow Cell for FIA, HPLC and process analysisFluorescence Probes for the detection of the transient response of free ion concentrationOptical Oxygen Sensor to detect oxygen in small sample in living tissuesOur proprietary optical fiber formulation and over 50 years of assembly experience have enable us to be the only company than can provide DIN 58145:2018-01 certified low solarization UV fibers and assemblies for 185 nm to 340 nm. This allows our OEM partners to obtain repeatability and accuracy from one system to the next. Using our Qualified Optical Fibers, overcomes the inherent weakness of a standard optical fiber and offers advantages to designers of optical systems includingSpeeding up development timeTrue “plug and play” of assemblies simplifying maintenance and recalibration proceduresContact us and talk with our seasoned optical engineering team about introducing qualified fibers into your designs.

Our Clients Include:

University College London
Imperial College
University of Cambridge
University of Oxford

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