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John Dolan, University of Hertfordshire

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Microfluidic pump for continuous cell culture under shear flow mimicking physiological flow in the human vasculature.

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Kima Pump Kima iPod Touch Software

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Quick Start Guide Kima Pump
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Quick Start Guide Kima Connect
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Kima Pump Protocol
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Application Note C300
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  • Fits inside standard CO2 incubators - maintaining temperature and humidity.
  • Periodic perfusion to support cell culture in an incubator
  • Wash mode or pump mode
  • Flow rate:  15 - 35mL/hr ± 4%.
  • Dead volume:  < 300µL
  • Includes iPod Touch which can control up to 4 pump modules independently.
  • Wi-Fi communication.
  • Includes tubing kit for Vena8 biochips or alternative tubing kits for connection to any microfluidic biochip.

Applications:  Biofilm studies; cell culture in biochips with adherent cells (HUVECs), stem cells, HepG2 cells.

Please Note: the Kima pump is not suitable for shear stressed based assays because the pump delivers liquid in pulses (not continuous flow)

iPod Touch controlled microfluidic Kima Pump for life sciences

iPod Touch Kima Pump for Biofilm Culture studies

iPod Touch Kima Pump for Toxicology Studies


Volumetric Flow Rates Perfusion mode:  15 - 35 mL/hr (*) +/- 4%
Shear Stress Range Perfusion mode:  ~2.5 to ~6.5 dyne/cm2(**)
Dead Volume < 300 µL
Working Pressure 30 psi - 2 bars maximum
Flow Direction
  • Dispense only.
  • Two modes:  wash and perfusion (controlled only by Kima controller via iPod Touch / iPhone)
Additional features
  • Plug and play with Kima controller and iKima Application (available for iPod Touch / iPhone)
  • Featured with standard 100mL bottle holder  
Dimensions 190mm x 85mm x 90mm (L x W x H)
Weight < 800g (bottle and tubing not included)
Conditions of use
  • Temperature: 10°C to 60°C
  • Humidity: < 98% RH
  • Altitude: < 2000m  

(*): calibrated test made with a specific flow resistance of 150µm inner diameter by 5cm length

(**): shear stress is for information only; based on the connection to 8 channels of a Vena8 Endothelial+ biochip (capillary of 800µm x 120µm)



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