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Researcher UCL, Institute of Ophthalmology

I am really impressed by your very high level of customer service. I got a problem of our pump recently and contacted the service. Julian Williams replied me immediately and tried to resolve the issue with good suggestions. Meanwhile, she loaned me a pump which enabled me to carry out my experime...
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1 x pump; 1 x tubing kit; power supply and cables

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ExiGo ExiGo iPad-mini ExiGo Pump

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  • Precise pulse-free flow control with active feedback via flow sensor: 10nL/min - 1mL/min (250uL glass syringe); 100nL/min - 20mL/min (5mL plastic syringe)
  • Flow rate:  0.0725pL/min - 20mL/min
  • Standard syringes:  0.5µL - 1µL (glass) and 1mL - 5mL (plastic).
  • Wash mode or programmable perfusion mode (constant, ramp, step, sine) with reversible flow direction.
  • Dynamic response:  50ms max (recorded at flow rate change from 0 to 10,000 nL/min).
  • Excellent long-term flow stability.
  • EXIGO-IPAD- includes iPad mini which can control/program up to 4 pump modules independently. PC control software also available (LabView and API functions).
  • Wi-Fi and USB communication.
  • Use standard tubing for connection to any microfluidic biochip.

Applications:  Microfluidics and nanofluidics, droplet generation and manipulation, pulse-free flow, laminar and multilaminar flow studies, precise multichannel mixing, cell-based shear flow studies, cell and particle manipulation studies.


Volumetric Flow Rates 0.0725 pL/minute - 20 mL/minute
Microsteps per one revolution of lead screw 250,000
Step resolution 0.008μm
Pulse-free flow rate for microfluidic applications* 10nL/min - 1mL/min ± 20nL/min @ 250uL glass syringe 100nL/min - 20mL/min ± 40nL/min @ 5mL plastic syringe  
Flow rate stability for microfluidic applications* ± 0.25% of Full Scale @ 250μL syringe and 8,000nL/min ExiGo Flow Sensor
Dynamic Response 50ms max (recorded at flow rate change from 0 to 10,000nL/min)
Compatible Syringes  0.5μL - 1μL (glass syringes) 1mL - 5mL (plastic syringes)
Working Pressure 30 psi - 2 bars maximum
External Trigger 2 inputs and 2 outputs of external trigger for operation with external units and software
Flow control Reversible flow direction - Push/Pull Programmable perfusion mode:  constant, ramp, step, sine  
Additional features Easy to use iPad mini control Control/program up to 4 pumps independently Wi-fi communication Standard tubing for connection to any microfluidic biochip
Software Control  iPad mini ExiGo App
Dimensions 225mm (W) x 69mm (D) x 122mm (H)
Weight  ~ 1.3kg
*Measured with ExiGo Flow Sensor and active PID feedback  




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1 x pump; LabView for PC; 1 x tubing kit; power supply and cables; 1 x flow sensor for ...

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1 x pump; 1 x iPad mini with ExiGo App; 1 x tubing kit; power supply and cables; 1 x fl...

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1 x pump; 1 x iPad mini with ExiGo App; 1 x tubing kit; power supply and cables

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2 x ExiGo pumps with LabVIEW control; 2 x Flow Sensors; 2 x DropChips; tubing and oil

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