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Bill Franks, University of Liverpool

With such a good knowledge base of their products and field of operation I know that there is always a quick answer at the end of a phone.
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9 Reasons to Trust the EVOM Manual

9 Reasons to Trust the EVOM Manual

WPI’s EVOM™ technology is the gold standard for delivering stable and repeatable Trans Epithelial Electrical Resistance (TEER) measurements. Here are nine reasons to trust the new EVOM Manual TEER Meter for qualitatively measuring cell monolayer health and quantitatively measuring cell confluence.

  1. Save Time – EVOM™ Manual eliminates human errors and reduces experimental processing time. The redesign of the electrode ensures consistent placement, quickly and easily. The meter reports values faster, so you spend less time waiting for the values to stabilize. This time savings means you can move through a plate much quicker or process it multiple times to track changes during your experiment.
  2. Streamlined Workflow – Auto data logging eliminates the need to track data by hand. The resistance or voltage information for each measurement is written to the USB drive in a CSV format that can be opened by most spreadsheet programs. You can quickly and accurately move from one sample to the next to record your data. And, you can automatically subtract the blank reading from your measurements.
  3. Save Space – The small footprint frees up precious bench space and makes the EVOM Manual easy to store.
  4. Quick Calibration – At the press of a button you can calibrate and verify that your system is functioning properly.
  5. Hands-Free Data Recording – Further streamline your process and use the foot switch for hands-free recording. With a foot switch, you don’t need to touch the EVOM meter. This means there’s less chance of contamination. Since data is recorded automatically when you tap the foot switch, you also don’t need to move in and out of the hood to make notes.
  6. Automatic Backups – EVOM™ Manual prevent data loss with the auto save and data recovery features, which are critical when the battery is low.
  7. Accuracy – EVOM™ Manual’s low electrical noise design offers greater resolution and accuracy.
  8. Range Finder – EVOM™ Manual can automatically detect the target range. Whether you are measuring a leaky cell type with low resistances or cell types for which barrier function is critical and resistance is higher (like blood brain barrier), the EVOM™ Manual can adjust. The auto-ranging resistance feature allows for fast resistance measurements, and an overrange display feature eliminates false readings. The EVOM™ Manual now has adjustable current levels in three fixed ranges with two lower ranges for sensitive membranes and high resistance ranges up to 100K Ω.
  9. Precision Electrode – The STX4 electrode ensures consistent measurements with less fluid required than previous models. Older electrodes required a steady hand. The STX4 fits perfectly into the cell culture well so you get the same placement at the same depth every time. You can choose the electrode based on your application. The STX HTS electrodes are suitable for high throughput screening plates, and EndOhm chambers are popular for higher measurement accuracy.
    The EVOM™ Manual produces a low AC current that avoids electrode metal deposits and is specially designed for the non-destructive testing of epithelial monolayer confluence in cell cultures. Additionally, resistance readings are unaffected by membrane capacitance or membrane voltage. WPI’s state of the art EVOM™ technology provides you with real-time, valuable data during experiments.



EVOM™ Manual Epithelial Volt Ohm Meter for TEER Measurement

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