After 12 years, the next generation of the EVOM is born. Used for measuring Transepithelial Electrical Resistance and monitoring the confluence of cell monolayers in culture well plates the EVOM3 TEER Measurement System enables researchers to carry out experiments more efficiently by improving the workflow, and increasing the stability and accuracy of readings over that of the EVOM2.  Here are six of the EVOM3 improvements.



auto data logging

First, the EVOM3 TEER meter saves time by eliminating the need to manually record data by hand. Data is saved electronically and can be exported in CSV format for easy use in spreadsheets and other data analysis programs.

hands free operation Second, the footswitch supplied with the EVOM3 enables hands-free measurements. There is no need to touch the screen for every measurement. A foot switch also minimizes the possible introduction of contaminants in your cell culture sample while taking measurements inside a cell culture hood.
Multiple Measurement Ranges Third, the EVOM3 can measure sample resistance values in a wider range from 1 to 100 k?, because the new EVOM3 lets you select your range of interest. EVOM2 is sold as two different meters, and each one has a limited range.
finer resolution Fourth, the EVOM3 offers better accuracy in the lower resistance range. If your sample resistance value is below 200 ohms, EVOM3 measures with 1/10th of an ohm resolution. EVOM2 typically measures with 1 ohm resolution even below 200 ohms.
Automatically removes background voltage

Fifth, the EVOM3 can automatically remove the background voltage or potential difference value. Using the older EVOM2, you must manually measure and subtract the background voltage (PD) value of an electrode. 

 New electrode is more stable Sixth, the new STX2-Plus electrode is much more accurate. It sits vertically on top the well plate so you don’t need to hold the electrode while measuring. This ensures proper positioning of the electrode. You also get more stable readings because the gap between the two electrodes on the STX2-PLUS are fixed. 



Special thanks to all our customers who provided the feedback necessary to design the new EVOM3 and STX2-PLUS electrode. Simple to use, the EVOM3 makes stable measurements and offers digital collection of data. If you use TEER measurement, call us today to discuss your application.


The EVOM3 is a notable improvement in WPI’s TEER measurement offering. It’s loaded with features to deliver improved workflow efficiency and provide more stable and repeatable measurements. Give us a call today to talk with an application specialist about your TEER measurement options.