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Dr Andy MacKenzie, University of the West of Scotland

I have had dealings with WPI for several years and have consistently found their customer service to be second-to-none. They have always provided fast and insightful responses to any technical query and such support has been of enormous help to my laboratory.
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MTA - NTR000257-01

MTA - NTR000257-01

MultiCage Training Arena

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MultiCage Training Arena
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The MultiCage Training Arena (MTA) was developed on the basis of Mobile HomeCage Large (MHC-L) with the goal of optimizing work flow while experimenting with awake and behaving mice. The arena has two bridges, one with a single and another – with two head fixations.  This allows training three mice simultaneously in three small size (180 X 70 mm) carbon cages.

For MHC-L users we offer a MultiCage Training Upgrade Kit (MTU), which consists of a second bridge (with two head fixations) complete with two towers, and three small carbon cages (180 X 70 mm).

By combining MHC-L and the MultiCage Upgrade Kit you can:

  • Get all benefits of MHC-L, such as combining single-cell imaging and electrophysiological recordings in awake and moving mice with more complex behavioral paradigms (e.g. maze navigation)
  • Greatly increase your training through-put by training three mice simultaneously
  • Use the second bridge to mount additional equipment (micromanipulators, stereotactic arms, cameras, etc.) close to your preparation during imaging or electrophysiology

This is how it works:


  • Height (with towers): 155mm
  • Width: 720mm
  • Depth: 570mm
  • Enclosure (cage) diameter: 180mm







Mobile HomeCage-Large

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