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Dr Andy MacKenzie, University of the West of Scotland

I have had dealings with WPI for several years and have consistently found their customer service to be second-to-none. They have always provided fast and insightful responses to any technical query and such support has been of enormous help to my laboratory.
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Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor 100µm Fiber custom Length Pack of 2

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  • For use with Apollo1000, Apollo4000, TBR4100 and TBR1025
  • Requires cable 91580 (sold separate)
  • A dry sensor that works like a 2mm wet sensor
  • Use like an ISO-H2S-2 without sleeves and filling solution
  • Response Time: ~5 s
  • Detection Limit: < 5nM
  • Sensitivity: 1-4 pA/nM
  • Package of 2

About Hydrogen Sulfide

Although hydrogen sulfide is generally thought of in terms of a poisonous gas, it is endogenously produced in many mammalian tissues. It has been detected in micromolar amounts in blood and brain tissue. Hydrogen sulfide is reported as having a broad range of biological functions and although its potential to participate in cell signaling is clear, this biological role is not well understood. Hydrogen sulfide is strongly anagolous to nitric oxide because they share several physical and metabolic properties.

Hydrogen sulfide and oxygen

Like nitric oxide, hydrogen sulfide is a potent vascualr signal that can mediate vasoconstriction or vasorelaxation depending on the oxygen level and tissue. In the rat aorta, hydrogen sulfide concentrations that mediate rapid constriction at oxygen level will cause rapid relaxation at lower oxygen levels.

Sensor details

The ISO-H2S-100 is a hydrogen sulfide sensor with a 100µm diameter tip. It is designed like the dry microsensors, however, it works like a traditional ISO-H2S-2 2mm sensor. The sensor can be ordered in a variety of lengths from 1–5mm. It incorporates WPI’s proprietary combination electrode technology in which the hydrogen sulfide-sensing element and separate reference electrode are encased within a single shielded sensor design.

The ISO-H2S-2 was the original 2mm H2S sensor, ideal for many applications. The new ISO-H2S-100 can be used in the same way, but offers several advantages:

  • Requires no sleeves or filling solutions
  • Durable for long-term use, because of its platinum wire construction
  • Rapid response time
  • Bigger linear range than the ISO-H2S-2 (Range is based on the length of the sensor tip)



Response Time: ~5 s
Detection Limit: < 5nM
Sensitivity: 1-4 pA/nM
Package of: 2


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