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 UniVert - Universal Uniaxial Mechanical Tester

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  • Quality, cost-effective testing in a small package
  • Easy to use with simple fixture and load cell changes to accommodate a range of uses
  • High-resolution CCD imaging with image-based strain measurement tools (optional)
  • Fully featured user interface software for simple, cyclic, relaxation, and multi-modal testing with real-time feedback

The UniVert is ideal for a wide range of mechanical testing applications and its small footprint and affordable price allows users to have testing capabilities when and where they are needed. The easy-to-use software and interchangeable components make the system ideal to use without the need for extensive training or supervision.

The system is capable of tension, compression, and bending testing at forces up to 200N. A wide range of grips and fixtures are available to accommodate different specimens and testing modes.

The UniVert base package includes

  • UniVert universal uniaxial mechanical tester
  • Test control software for PC with real-time results graphing
  • 1 load cell (choice of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 N)
  • Spring/screw closure tension grips with 3 spring stiffnesses
  • Compression platens
  • Calibration stand (free weight required)
  • Webcam imaging system 

Specimens & Mounting

UniVert Tension Testing UniVert Compression Test UniVert Bending Test
Tension Test Specimen: Elastic polymer material Compression Test Specimen: Inelastic ceramic sphere Bending Test Specimen: Artificial bone


Fluid Bath

The UniVert system can be equipped with an optional temperature-controlled fluid bath to ensure sensitive biomaterials are tested under the appropriate conditions. UniVert Fluid Bath


Image Analysis Software

UniVert image analysis software The UniVert system can measure specimen strains using integrated non-contact digital image correlation software.



UniVert Introduction

UniVert Demonstration


Dimensions 60cm (height) x 30 cm (depth) x 21 cm (width)
Weight 8 Kg
Force Capacity 200 N
Load Cells 0.5 – 200 N
Force Accuracy 0.2% of load cell capacity
Maximum grip separation 300 mm
Maximum Velocity 20 mm/s
Maximum Cycle Frequency 2 Hz
Maximum Data Rate 100 Hz


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Upgraded scientific camera with tracking analysis software for UniVert

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Load Cell For UniVert - 10N capacity

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Load Cell For UniVert - 20N capacity

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Load Cell For UniVert - 50N capacity

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Load Cell For UniVert - 100N capacity

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Load Cell For UniVert - 200N capacity

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Replacement polymer (spring-closure) tension grips for UniVert suitable for 20N and ...

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 UniVert Clasroom Kit - includes

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 UniVert Vertical Temperature Controlled Fluid Bath, 600mL Volume

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 UniVert Horizontal Temperature Controlled Fluid Bath

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Load Cell For UniVert - 0.5N capacity

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Load Cell For UniVert - 1N capacity

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Load Cell For UniVert - 2.5N capacity

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Load Cell For UniVert - 4.5N capacity

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Replacement stainless steel (combination spring/screw closure) tension grips for Uni...

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3-point bend test fixtures for UniVert system up to 80mm span

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Brackets for BioRake grip attachment to UniVert system requires use of horizontal te...

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UniVert hard-shell storage/transport case

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