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Electrode Blades for STX4 EVOM™ for TEER, 3 Sets

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  • Includes 3 Sets of STX4 Replacement Electrode Blades.
  • Each set contains 1 Inner and 1 Outer Electrode Blade.
  • To be used with the STX4 Electrode only.


  • Do the STX4 electrode blade tips tend to darken over the period of use or during storage?

Yes, it is a normal process. The STX4 electrode tips tend to darken (cosmetic), but the electrode or the electrode blade functionally remains unaffected.

  • Can the STX4 electrode blade tip color be significantly different on the outer side as compared to the inner side?

Yes, it is normal (cosmetic) and can be attributed to the path of current flow between the two electrode blades. Generally, the outer side of electrode blade tips will tend to darken more since the outer electrodes are involved in applying electrical current from the EVOM (Fig. 29). The inner side of the electrode blade tips will tend to remain relatively whitish (tip color), since no electrical current passes through that side. These inner electrodes (the inner side of the electrode blade tips) are involved in the detection of change (voltage) in response to applied current. This observed difference or inconsistency of the tip color (inner side versus outer side) does not affect the actual function of the electrode blade or the electrode.   

STX4 color change on outside electrode

The darkening of the STX4 electrode tip and a significant difference in color between inner and outer sides of the electrode blades (during storage or after a period of use) are considered normal.

NOTE: WPI performs special conditioning of all electrode blades individually (especially the tips) and verifies proper functionality of each manufactured electrode blade and STX4 electrode.







STX4 EVOM™ Electrode with Removable Blades for TEER in 6.5 mm Inserts

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