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Dr Gary Lawrence, Dublin City University

WPI are my preferred supplier for tissue and cell recording instrumentation. In my experience, WPI representatives have an excellent level of technical expertise and they have always responded in a timely manner with the most helpful, patient and instructive advice to aid the development of the o...
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BiOTESTER: A fully equipped biaxial test system built specifically for biomaterials

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BIOTESTER Biorakes with tissue mounted on a BioTester. The sample size is much smaller than a US penny One view from the software with actual live video from the mounted sample. Biorakes Pulley System Clamps

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Biotester Datasheet
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Uniaxial U-Stretch
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Why measure mechanical properties?
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Stress-strain in human sclera
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The BioTester provides researchers with an easy-to-use, affordable test instrument to characterize soft tissues and biomaterials. This biaxial test system captures and graphically displays live time, force, and synchronized video images for results analysis and verification. Data is easily exported to standard spreadsheet programs. 

  • High performance actuators (2 per axis) capable of μm positional resolution for accurate test motion.
  • Inline overload-protected load cell on each axis
  • High resolution CCD camera to collect time synchronized images for post test analysis
  • Temperature controlled media bath
  • Patented attachment system facilitates rapid and accurate specimen attachment
  • Optional use of hook-and-suture or grip based attachment systems
  • User-controlled test routines for multi-modal cyclic, simple, and relaxation testing over a wide range of strain rates
  • Data output as a comma separated value text files for easy import into a variety of spread sheet and data analysis programs
  • Simple USB connection to a Windows-based host computer
  • Specimen Size: 3mm to 15mm
  • Load Cell Capacities (N): 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 5, 10, 23
  • Load Cell Accuracies: 0.2% of capacity Max Displacement
  • Rate: 10mm/s Image Rate: 15Hz
  • Image Resolution: 1280 X 960 pixels
  • Max. Temperature: 40°C

Sample Mounting Systems

The BioRake sample mounting system is CellScale’s patented method for attaching soft tissues and biomaterials.

 Each tine is electrochemically sharpened to easily pierce both the toughest and most delicate tissue samples. Each set is permanently attached to a common base to allow simultaneous puncture of all 20 attachment points. The BioRakes are magnetically mounted for easy removal for cleaning or replacement and for simple transition between BioRake, Balanced Pulley, and Clamp mounting systems.

To perform testing, samples are positioned and raised into place using the manual lift mechanism and pressure is applied to insert the hooks in the tissue. The sample is thus mounted and ready for analysis within a few seconds. The mounting is consistent, accurate and easy.

BioRakes are available with tine spacing ranging from 0.7mm to 2.2mm to accommodate specimens from 3 to 15mm in size.

The balanced pulley sample mounting system is CellScale’s attachment method for ensuring zero shear stress during biaxial testing.


Two double-ended custom suture hooks are used to create 4 attachment points on each side of the specimen. A two-stage stainless steel pulley mechanism ensures that each of the sutures is held at the same tension during the test.

The pulley mechanisms are magnetically mounted for easy removal for cleaning and for simple transition between BioRake, Balanced Pulley, and Clamp mounting systems.

The clamp sample mounting system is CellScale’s attachment method for testing to failure.


Using a cruciform specimen allows the attachment sites, which are inherently weaker than the base material, to be moved away from the gauge area of the specimen. The clamps allow the specimen to be loaded easily and held securely.

The stainless steel clamping mechanisms are mounted over the same brackets used for the other attachment systems to allow for fast and easy transition between BioRake, Balanced Pulley, and Clamp mounting systems.

Custom clamp designs can also be made to tailor the clamp force and clamping surface to your tissue. 

Video Overviews 



Force Capacity  500, 100, 2500, 5000mN, 10N, 23N
Force Accuracy  0.2% of force capacity
Max. Elongation Rate 10mm/s
Max. Strain Rate (5mm specimen) 200%/s
Spatial Resolution (Actuator)  >0.1μm 
Spatial Accuracy (Acuator) 10μm 
Spatial Resolution (Image Analysis)  1/8 pixel 
Max. Force Data Rate 100Hz
Image Rate 1280 x 960 -15Hz



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