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Janice Carter, University of Cambridge

The person in WPI I deal with is Julian Williams and he has been very helpful in sorting out any problems we may have and finding items that we require. He is very pleasant to deal with and I have used WPI for the last 8 years and I am very happy with the service that they provide us.
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MechanoCulture B1 - Strainable Substrate for culturing Cells

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Snowflake Assembly assures uniform force distribution

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Data Sheet
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  • Uniaxial, equibiaxial (1:1) or non-equibiaxial (2:1) strain
  • 0-15% strain
  • Small media volumes (0.5mL) or large media volumes (100mL)
  • Autoclavable

Work with a wide range of materials and material preparation treatments by using the circular membrane/scaffold design. The MechanoCulture system was developed to allow researchers to study the response of cells to multi-axial mechanical stretch. This cell culture system enables the testing of cells in a three dimensional structure and/or monolayers of cells adhered to a flexible substrate.

Customized Test Environment

The MechanoCulture has a single chamber and operates independently, allowing multiple instruments to run multiple test protocols. This permits the flexibility to customize your test capabilities from a single test to dozens.

Store Protocols

Store protocols from single monotonic stretches to millions of cycles. Test protocols are specified in a PC based software program that can be downloaded to the MechanoCulture so that they can run independent of a control computer. The MechanoCulture can store protocols ranging from single monotonic stretches to millions of cycles covering time periods from seconds to weeks.

Media Volumes

Maximize media volumes and reduce the use of expensive chemicals. The use of a circular barrier ring facilitates low media volumes, minimizing the use of expensive chemicals. Alternatively, filling the entire chamber maximizes the media volume and reduces the need for media changes during the course of a test.

Dermal Fibroblast Stimulation at the Association of Dutch Burn Centres

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Sample size 35mm diameter
Maximum Frequency 2 Hz
Maximum Strain 15%
Maximum Sample Thickness 2mm
X-Y Strain Ratios 1:0, 1:1, 2:1




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University of Cambridge
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