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John Dolan, University of Hertfordshire

Julian at WPI provides excellent service and advice. Nothing is too much trouble.
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High throughput compression stimulation with real-time stiffness measurements

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Mechanoculture - TR DataSheet
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Key Features

  • Compression stimulation of 9 culture wells in a reusable holder.
  • Force controlled loading up to 100N at 2Hz
  • Simultaneous position measurement on all 9 wells with 10µm resolution
  • User-friendly interface software for specifying simple, cyclic, and intermittent stimulation protocols for download to the device controller

The MCTR provides uniaxial compression to 9 cylindrical tissue constructs using pressure-driven shuttles.  A user-specified loading protocol is enacted by the system and the resulting compression displacements are monitored using non-contact sensors.  The transparent culture wells allow for visual confirmation of correct specimen loading and real-time imaging during the test if desired.  The specimen chamber plate can be sterilized and the system is suitable for long-term cell culture in a laboratory incubator.

Specimen and Mounting

Specimen deformation is achieved by pressurizing a cavity above the culture chamber, which drives down a piston.  Motion of the piston is determined by measuring the magnetic field strength of the magnet attached to the upper surface.  A flexible membrane separates the sterile culture well from the pressure cavity.

HydroStatic Compression

Hydrostatic compression is achieved by filling the culture well to close to the top with the compression shuttle removed. Pressurizing the top chamber results in the flexible membrane deflecting downwards to press against the surface of the liquid.

 MCTR Assembly and Operation

MCTR Hydrostatic Demonstration


Dimensions 14 x 14 x 6cm
Weight 1kg
Stimulation Mode
Uniaxial Compression
Configuration Cylindrical constructs up to 10mm diameter
Culture area 0.2% of load cell capacity
Maximum displacement 5mm
Displacement Resolution 10um
Maximum Cycle Frequency 2Hz
Maximum Data Rate 5mL






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