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Janice Carter, University of Cambridge

The person in WPI I deal with is Julian Williams and he has been very helpful in sorting out any problems we may have and finding items that we require. He is very pleasant to deal with and I have used WPI for the last 8 years and I am very happy with the service that they provide us.
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MT LT MicroTester

MT LT MicroTester

The MicroTester is a micro-scale mechanical test system that does what others can’t. Smaller specimens, better force resolution, easier test setups, and great visuals. Applications include small tissue samples, hydrogel microspheres, cell spheroids, and engineered microtissues. It is available in 2 versions to meet your specific needs

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MT LT Brochure
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MicroScale Bend Testing
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  • Compression, tension, bending and indentation test modes
  • Affordable pricing for a wide range of applications and users
  • Good level precision using Stepper Motor actuators with 1µm resolution
  • Force resolution down to 10nN
  • High resolution CCD imaging
  • Integrated temperature-controlled media bath
  • Fully featured user interface software for simple, cyclic, relaxation, and multi-modal testing with real-time feedback

The MicroTester is a micro-scale mechanical test system that does what others can’t. Smaller specimens, better force resolution, easier test setups, and great visuals. Applications include small tissue samples, hydrogel microspheres, cell spheroids, and engineered microtissues. It is available in 2 versions to meet your specific needs


MicroScale Mechanical Testing Examples

Mechanical Testing of Soft Gels using the CellScale MicroSquisher

Muscle Tissue Construct Testing at Kent State University

CellScale MicroSquisher Instructional Overview

Compression Test of a Hydrogel Microsphere

Hydrogel Tension Test

  Zebrafish Embryo Cell Spheroid Compression Testing



Dimensions 56 X 14 X 24cm 52 X 17 X 21cm
Weight 9kg 6.5kg
Force Capacity 500mN 500mN
Available Force Transducers 0.005, 0.02, 0.08, 0.2, 1, 5, 25, 100, 500mN 0.005, 0.02, 0.08, 0.2, 1, 5, 25, 100, 500mN
Force Accuracy Approx. 0.2% of transducer capacity Approx. 0.2% of transducer capacity
Maximum Grip Separation Approx. 10mm Approx. 10mm
Maximum Velocity 5mm/s 5mm/s
Maximum Cycle Frequency 0.5Hz 0.1Hz
Maximum Data Rate 15Hz 15Hz
Actuator Technology Piezo-electric Motor Stepper Motor
Actuator Resolution 0.1um 1um
Range of Field of View 0.4-11.0mm 0.8-5.5mm
Vertical Image Resolution 2048px 1536px
Secondary Camera Option Yes No
Secondary Test Axis Option (Shear) Yes No




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MT G2 MicroTester

MT G2 MicroTester

The MicroTester is a micro-scale mechanical test system that does what others can&rs...

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High throughput compression stimulation with real-time stiffness measurements

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Tension and compression testing system

View details...



High force uniaxial stimulation of 6 parallel specimens

View details...



MechanoCulture FX , 16-well cell culture bioreactor with unaxial stretching and real...

View details...



MechanoCulture B1 - Biaxial stimulation of a cells in a monolayer or 3D matrix

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UStretch - A versatile uniaxial benchtop mechanical tester

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