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Dr Gary Lawrence, Dublin City University

WPI are my preferred supplier for tissue and cell recording instrumentation. In my experience, WPI representatives have an excellent level of technical expertise and they have always responded in a timely manner with the most helpful, patient and instructive advice to aid the development of the o...
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IX-416 16-Channel Single Ended Recorder

IX-416 16-Channel Single Ended Recorder

The iWorx 400 Series recorders are economical, high performance four, eight or sixteen channel data recorders for use with a broad range of analog amplifiers. The recorders offer 16-bit resolution at a maximum data collection speed of 10 kHz, making them appropriate for most research applications

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The 400 series recorders use a 16-bit A/D converter to sample data over its full input range of +/-10V at speeds up to 10kHz. The low noise (<1mV) greatly reduces the need for gain and offset.

LabScribe Software Provides Powerful Analysis Tools 

Installation and operation of the LabScribe acquisition and analysis software is easy and straightforward. LabScribe software allows ‘one-click’ control of the entire acquisition process, plus a large library of standard analytical functions to process data. The 400 series recorders are powered via a USB interface to any Macintosh or PC, eliminating the need to install special interface cards. Users are typically recording and analyzing signals within minutes of installation.It supports real units and a time based display that is not coupled to sample rate. The display can be configured to allow viewing of as many data points as the user desires. Scrolling, zoom-in and zoom-out tools, together with a searchable list
of user interventions, make finding important areas of data easy.

LabScribe provides a powerful array of built-in data analysis tools. It strikes a balance between the straightforward, general operations that everyone uses and the vertical, complex routines that only you use. The result is a powerful analytical tool that can go to work on your data right away, or be customized to do very specific and complex analyses.

Pressure Volume Loop Software Module

The iWorx Pressure Volume Loop Software Module is a plug-in software module foruse with iWorx data acquisition systems that performs pressure volume loop analysis for hemodynamic research in animals.? The software module provides a powerful and easy to use tool for investigators to measure and analyze the hemodynamic parameters of cardiac and pulmonary pressure and volume data acquired by an iWorx recorder.

Exceptional Value

The 400 series recorders provide turnkey continuous recording solutions at a fraction of the cost and complexity associated with systems requiring PCI bus plug-in cards. No breakout box is required, as connectors are part of the enclosure. In fact, no other hardware is required to get up and running.


System Requirements

LabScribe v4:
Windows OS: Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10
Mac OS: OSX 10.9 and above
Linux: ( beta testers required )

Computer hardware for LabScribe:
Minimum specs: Dual Core processor, 4GB or greater memory.
Recommended specs: Quad Core 64 bit Processor, 4GB or greater memory.



Analog Inputs 16
Input Impedance 1M Ohm
Input Range +10 VDC
Noise <1mV
Stimulator Output 408,416 only
Range + 10V
Resolution 16 bit
Speed 10,000 simultaneously (404) 100,000 aggregate (408, 416)
Stimulation Protocols Pulse, Train, Step, DC, Ramp, Triangle
Digital Input/Output
Digital Inputs 4
Digital Outputs 4
Connector DB9
Enclosure Plastic
Interface USB
Certification CE
Power 5VDC 2.6A (IX-408 & IX-416) USB (IX-404)
Warranty and Upgrades Protected by a 3 year warranty
Software LabScribe
Part Numbers IX-408




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