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Researcher, University of Bristol

Our lab was interested in purchasing a syringe pump from WPI. The company's support was helpful in identifying the required model and even informed us of model-specific limitations (which were of no concern for our intended use). The overall processing and delivery was exceedingly fast – less tha...
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4-Channel Data Acquisition System with Transducer Amplifiers

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Labscribe Manual
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  • Built-in amplifiers for force or pressure transducers
  • Includes Labscribe 3 software


The Lab-Trax-424T device offers the same high quality recording capability as the Lab-Trax-4 but are line powered and have built-in transducer amplifiers. A wide range of force, displacement and pressure sensors can be plugged directly into the recorder using the DIN-8 connectors on the front panel. The available Lab-Trax hardware together with WPI’s range of signal conditioners and the LabScribe software make it the perfect choice for research systems addressing cardiovascular studies, blood pressure, cardiac electrophysiology, hemodynamic studies of the pulmonary and coronary systems, and studies of isolated tissues in organ or tissue baths. Equipment from WPI can also be used to tailor systems for epithelial studies, and many applications in neurophysiology.


Number of inputs 4
Input Connectors DIN 8 pin
PC Interface USB 2.0 full speed
Excitation ±5V (±10%)
Input Impedance 667 GigOhm Typ./182 GigOhm Min
Input Range ±10V
Noise 250µV at 1000 s/s typical, reduces as sampling rate is reduced
Gain 1 to 10k (set by transducer)
Power 120/220VAC, 60/50 Hz (switched)
Stimulator Outputs: Number 4
Stimulator Outputs: Resolution 16 bit
Stimulator Outputs: Output Range +10VDC
Stimulator Outputs: Modes Pulse, Train, Constant, Step, Ramp, Triangle
Digital Outputs 8
A/D Converter: Samples/Second 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1K, 2K, 5K
A/D Converter: Interface USB



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