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Researcher UCL, Institute of Ophthalmology

I am really impressed by your very high level of customer service. I got a problem of our pump recently and contacted the service. Julian Williams replied me immediately and tried to resolve the issue with good suggestions. Meanwhile, she loaned me a pump which enabled me to carry out my experime...
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SYLGARD two-part silicone elastomer

  • Coat patch clamp electrodes
  • Make cell culture dishes and dissecting pads

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Curing Time

24hrs@25C, 15 min.@150C


A two-part silicone elastomer, ideal for potting and encapsulating applications. Very low dielectric constant sealing compound used in patch clamping and many other lab applications. After cure, will with­stand -55° to 200 °C.

Shipping Weight: 2 lb. (1 kg)




Szigligeti, P., Neumeier, L., Duke, E., Chougnet, C., Takimoto, K., Lee, S. M., … Conforti, L. (2006). Signalling during hypoxia in human T lymphocytes--critical role of the src protein tyrosine kinase p56Lck in the O2 sensitivity of Kv1.3 channels. The Journal of Physiology, 573(Pt 2), 357–70.

Habets, R. L. P., & Verstreken, P. (2011). FlAsH-FALI inactivation of a protein at the third-instar neuromuscular junction. Cold Spring Harbor Protocols, 2011(4), pdb.prot5597.


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