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Programmable Multipipetter Puller 220 v

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  • Double top panel structure.
  • Automatic 4-Barrel or 7-Barrel Pipette Puller.
  • Exclusive Optical-Digital Ruler Measurement. • Computerize Real-Time Feedback Heater Control.
  • Pneumatic Pulling Force and Very Compact Size.
  • Programmable and Saveable Sequences for Creation and Reproduction.
  • Manufacture Preset Pulling Programs for 4 and 7-Barrel
  • The PMP-107 has all the features of the PMP-100.

With Just processing one key, the PMP-107 Programmable Multipipette puller can successfully pull a one to 7-barrel pipette. Equipped with a microcomputer, pneumatic puling arm, pneumatic rotator, optical-digital ruler and a new designed clamp, the PMP-107 can automatically heat, twist and pull a multibarrel pipette. There is no need for any manual rotation or any inconsistent timing interrupt control. The whole pulling processing is programmable and under control of a preset sequence. The PMP-107 is a new upgrade model from the PMP-100 multipipette puller. The rotation (twist) speed is adjustable.


Pipettes Single-to-7 Barrel
Each Barrel O.D. 1 mm (2 mm for single-barrel)
Pulling Force Pneumatic
Heater Nichrome coil or foil
Heater Control Microcontroller
Heating 74 general heat levels (24-99), 64 automatic heat levels (45-98)
Number of sequence 25
Steps per sequence 18
Taper length setting 0.5 - 20 mm
Pressure 1 Adjustable 0.1 - 10 psi
Pressure 2 Adjustable 0.1 - 60 psi
Cooling Pressure Adjustable for rotation speed
Gas Input Pressure 30-6 psi
Actions Pull 1, pull2, pull2/Cook, Rotation, Cool Air, Return
Display 20 x 4 LCD
Power Input 110 / 240 VAC
Power Consumption Max. 150 watts
Dimensions 14 x 11 x 7 inc. (36 x 28 x 18 cm)

15 lb (6.8 kg)





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