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WPI offer a wide range of products designed for those working in the life science industry but just as importantly they offer great customer support and possess great product knowledge.
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LED Microscope Stand, 10.5"

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  • Variable reflected and transmitted illumination
  • LED reflected and transmitted illuminators can be used independently or simultaneously
  • Light quality: homogenous daylight 6500°K for both the reflected and transmitted illuminators
  • LED bulbs emit light that is UV and IR free
  • Approximate service life of the LED bulbs is 50,000 hours
  • 4 inches (100mm) of continuously smooth focus travel
  • Black, white and clear glass stage plates
  • Base dimensions (LWH): 260mm x 184mm x 267mm
  • Universal power supply 100v to 240v, voltage sensitive, integrated

This microscope stand is suitable for use with the PZMIV with specimen heights of up to 5cm when you are using a 1x objective. This base is not suitable for use with the PZMIII series microscopes.


Focus Mount Diameter 76mm
Focusing Stroke 100mm
Dimensions (LWH): 260mm x 184mm x 267mm
Plate Size 100mm clear glass and black and white plate
Illumination LED 6500°K UV and IR free
Power Supply 110v – 240v CE






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