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Janice Carter, University of Cambridge

The person in WPI I deal with is Julian Williams and he has been very helpful in sorting out any problems we may have and finding items that we require. He is very pleasant to deal with and I have used WPI for the last 8 years and I am very happy with the service that they provide us.
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Extended Life Light Source

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LAMBDA-XL Datasheet
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LAMBDA-XL Instruction Manual
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LAMBDA-LS-XL Instruction Manual
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  • 10,000 hour expected lifetime**
  • Low light loss throughout bulb lifetime
  • No high-voltage pulse
  • Built-in driver for filterwheel and SmartShutter®
  • Very stable output
  • Compact stand-alone design
  • USB interface

The newest member of our optical product family, the Lambda XL, is a broad spectrum, highly stable light source (±1% peak-to-peak fluctuations) with an average lamp lifetime of 10,000 hours. The connection to the microscope is made through a liquid light guide, which assures output uniformity in the field of view. Two light guide options are available, one optimized for the near UV-visible and the other for the visible-near IR regions. The output at the end of the light guide is similar to that of our popular 300W Lambda LS xenon arc light source. The lamp module is expected to last in excess of 10,000 hours and maintain at least 50% of its original intensity.

The compact, stand-alone cabinet design contains the bulb, lamp housing, power supply, optics and a Lambda 10-B controller board in a single enclosure. The design allows an optional filter wheel and SmartShutter® to be installed in the enclosure, making it a versatile choice for fluorescence imaging applications. The Sutter filter wheel with SmartShutter® or the stand-alone SmartShutter® can be accommodated within the body of the Lambda XL.

The light intensity can be adjusted to different levels of attenuation. When the optional filter wheel is used, each filter position can be associated with its own attenuation level, selected every time the filter is called*.

Mounting adapters for Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leica microscopes are available.

* Patent pending
** Bulb carries a prorated 2-year warranty



Output Range

330 to 700nm

Lamp Life

Approximately 10,000 hours


9.4in x 7.6in x 12.6in | 23.9cm x 19.3cm x 32cm


16.35 lbs | 7.4 kg


120/240 Volts
50/60 Hertz power line

RoHS Compliant


Liquid light (2 meters, 3mm diameter) and heat sink

Liquid light (2 meters, 5mm diameter) and heat sink

Liquid light (2 meters, 3mm diameter) and heat sink

Liquid light (2 meters, 5mm diameter) and heat sink

25mm SmartShutter® with housing to fit Lambda XL

10 position 25mm filter wheel with SmartShutter® for mounting in Lambda XL

4 position filter wheel with SmartShutter® for mounting in Lambda XL

Replacement lamp

Replacement 5mm light guide (300 series)

Replacement 5mm light guide (380 series)

1 This lightguide offers a larger field of view but less intensity per unit area
2 Allows higher output into the near IR
3 Requires installation and re-alignment at Sutter
4 Maximum UV transmission




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Stand-Alone Xenon Arc Lamp and Power Supply

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