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Dr Gary Lawrence, Dublin City University

WPI are my preferred supplier for tissue and cell recording instrumentation. In my experience, WPI representatives have an excellent level of technical expertise and they have always responded in a timely manner with the most helpful, patient and instructive advice to aid the development of the o...
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Z-LITE Fiber Optic Illuminator - 230v-Black, with Bifurcated Light Guide

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Z-LITE Instruction Manual
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  • Reliable, uninterrupted high-intensity light
  • Use with microscopes
  • Intensity controlled by rotary knob on front of unit
  • Includes illuminator and bifurcated light guide



The Z-LITE Fiber Optic Illuminator provides reliable, uninterrupted high-intensity light for microscopes. Use the rotary dimmer switch to control the halogen light source for a continuous range of subdued or concentrated lighting. The Z-LITE is available in the following configurations:

Z-LITE – 115V, 60Hz Fiber optic illuminator, beige
Z-LITE-Z – 230V, 60Hz Fiber optic illuminator, black
Z-LITE-186 – Z-LITE with bifurcated light guides
Z-LITE-Z186 – Z-LITE-Z with bifurcated light guides

Common accessories include a ring light and single or bifurcated flexible light guides to direct the light beam precisely.
The unit is shipped with a lamp that produces a color temperature of 3200°K. Forced air cooling prolongs the lamp life. The EJA bulb can be used as a replacement lamp. When you open the front panel, a safety switch automatically shuts off the power. Rugged aluminum case.





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