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Researcher, University of Bristol

Our lab was interested in purchasing a syringe pump from WPI. The company's support was helpful in identifying the required model and even informed us of model-specific limitations (which were of no concern for our intended use). The overall processing and delivery was exceedingly fast – less tha...
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Low Volume Flow Cell, 10mm Pathlength

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  • Fiber Optic low volume flow cell
  • UV, VIS, NIR absorbance
  • DNA, RNA and protein quantification
  • Colorimetric nutrient and trace metal analysis
  • Drug discovery and dissolution testing


MicroLWCC (WPI #LWCC-M-10 and LWCC-M-50) is a new fiber optic, low volume flow cell for UV/VIS/NIR absorbance analysis. Based on WPI's established liquid core waveguide technology, the analyte solution funtions as the core of a fluid filled light waveguide. Wetted parts in the sample cell light path are PEEK, fused silica and PTFE. Optical fibers are used to transport light to and from the sample cell. The cell can be used in biochemistry for DNA, RNA and protein quatification, colorimetric nutrient and trace metal analysis, drug discovery and dissolution testing, process control, and HPLC analysis.


Optical Pathlength 10mm
Internal Volume 2.4μL
Wavelength Range 200-1000nm
Fiber Connection [μm] 500 (SMA)
Transmission @ 254nm (Reference:2 600μm fiber, butt-connected) > 40%
Maximum Pressure > 1000 PSI
Refractive Index@ 280nm (measured using ASTM E 685-93) < 7mAU
Wetted Materials PEEK, Fused Silica, PTFE




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