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Dr Andy MacKenzie, University of the West of Scotland

I have had dealings with WPI for several years and have consistently found their customer service to be second-to-none. They have always provided fast and insightful responses to any technical query and such support has been of enormous help to my laboratory.
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General Purpose Enhanced-UV Optical Fiber

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UV-Enhanced Fiber Optic Cables UV-Enhanced Fiber Optic Cables

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WPI's WVLUXUVIS-series fiber is a great general purpose fiber for UV-VIS spectroscopy. 

WVLUXUVIS-Series Patch Cord : Enhanced-UV Optical Fiber Cable Options

Web Part # Catalog Part # Description Core Diameter
505171 WVLUXUVIS-S-0100-100-SMA Silica fiber (260-1200nm), 1 m length with SMA 905 connectors 100 μm
505172 WVLUXUVIS-S-0200-100-SMA Silica fiber (260-1200nm), 1 m length with SMA 905 connectors 200 μm
505173 WVLUXUVIS-S-0300-100-SMA Silica fiber (260-1200nm), 1 m length with SMA 905 connectors 300 μm
505174 WVLUXUVIS-S-0400-100-SMA Silica fiber (260-1200nm), 1 m length with SMA 905 connectors 400 μm
505195 WVLUXUVIS-S-0600-100-SMA Silica fiber (260-1200nm), 1 m length with SMA 905 connectors 600 μm

For bifurcated, cross, mixed fiber patch cords built for your specific project contact our application specialists.




  • Fiber Material: Silica
  • Core Size: 100um, 200um, 300um, 400um, 600um, 800um, 1000um
  • Wavelength: UV-VIS 260-1200nm
  • Numerical Aperture (NA): 0.22
  • Connector: SMA 905, FC, ST, DIN, F125,F250, LLG, N
  • Jacketing: Silicone Monocoil Tubing
  • Temperature Range -40C-120C

Additional fiber cable configurations and fiber materials available. Contact our application specialists for more details.






Qualified Fiber Optic Cable Deep UV-NIR

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