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Aladdin SyringeTWO Microfluidics Programmable Syringe Pump

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AL-4002X Microfluidic Syringe Pump

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Aladdin Instruction Manuals
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  • Very precise, with reproducible flow of ±0.2%

  • Smooth pumping at ultra low flow rates - advance per step: 4.252232 Nanometers

  • Advanced smooth linerar/gradient pumping functions

  • Selectable infusion/withdrawal rate units (mL/hr, µL/hr, mL/min, µL/min)

  • Infusion rate can be changed while pumping

  • Program pump via keypad or from a computer

  • Highly controllable – program sequences without a computer (holds up to 41 programming phases)

  • Network, control, and monitor up to 100 pumps with one computer

  • Hands-free operation with optional foot switch ADPT2

  • Motor stall detection

Channels 2
Type Infusion / Withdrawal
Flow Range 0.008 nL/hr (0.5 µL syringe) to 2545 µL/min (140 mL syringe)
Dispensing Accuracy ±0.5%
Syringe Sizes Accepted 0.5 µL to 60 mL or 140 mL partially filled
Linear Force 150 lb at low speed; 18 lb at maximum speed


To meet the demands of a busy lab Aladdin Pumps offer exceptional value providing versatility and reliability for accurately dispensing media down into the nanoliter range.

The Aladdin AL-4002X is a programmable two channel infusion / withdrawal syringe pump for applications demanding smooth, highly reproducable nano and pico liter flow rates. It's metal casing provides stability, ensuring less vibration is transferred to the syringes. Setup is easy using the pumps keypad or via a computer with optional PC to pump cable (GN-PC7 or GN-PC25).

The Aladdin AL-4002X can run complex programs with up to 41 pumping phases can be set to change pumping rates; set dispensing volumes; insert pauses; control and respond to external signals; sound the buzzer. It includes Linear/Gradient programs enabling the setting of the start pumping rate, end pumping rate and the time.

Linear/Gradient Aladdin Pump Function

Example flow rates

Syringe Size Maximum Rate Minimum Rate
0.5 µL 18.70 nL/min 0.008 nL/hr
1 µL 37.57 nL/min 0.015 nL/hr
2 µL 74.81 nL/min 0.029 nL/hr
5 µL 187.3 nL/minr 0.071 nL/hr
10 mL 445.6 µL/min 167 nL/hr
20 mL 708.7 µL/min 265.5 nL/hr
30 mL 924.5 µL/min 346.4 nL/hr
60 mL 1503 µL/min 563.2 nL/hr


Dual pumping action

Need a pump for two syringes? Two Aladdin pumps when daisy-chained are more efficient and affordable than any competitor's dual syringe models. Two Aladdins (AL-4000) will perform as a dual infusion/withdrawal pump, a double pump for infusing at different rates, a push/pull pump with one infusing and one withdrawing at the same or different rates, two independent pumps, or a master/slave pump. One Aladdin can even control the second for continuous pumping with optional check valve set. The Aladdin pump series will accept syringes from Becton Dickinson, Monoject, Terumo, and Air-Tite.


SYRINGE SIZES up to 60 mL (or 140 mL partially filled)
STEPPING (max. min.) 4.25223214 nm to 34.0178571 nm depending on motor speed
SPEED(max./min.) 8.40896E-05 cm/hr / 0.224469144 cm/min
PUMPING RATES 1699 mL/hr with 60mL syringe, to 0.73µL/hr with 1mL syringe
MAXIMUM FORCE 150 lb at min. speed, 18 lb at max. speed
RS-232 PUMP NETWORK 100 pumps maximum
POWER SUPPLY Wall adapter 12V DC @ 1000mA
DIMENSIONS 22.9 x 14.6 x 11.4 cm (8.75 x 5.75 x 4.5 in.)
WEIGHT 1.7 kg (3.8 lb)



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Pump-to-pump Network Cable, 7 ft for Aladdin series pumps

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Pump-to-pump Network Cable, 25 ft for Aladdin series pumps

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PC to pump cable, 25 ft for Aladdin series pumps

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Footswitch for Aladdin programmable syringe pumps

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PC to pump cable, 7 ft for Aladdin series pumps

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Legato 100 Single Syringe Infuse Only

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