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WPI offer a wide range of products designed for those working in the life science industry but just as importantly they offer great customer support and possess great product knowledge.
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Portable Hematology Analyzer

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Inish Device Benchmarking vs Sysmex
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Inish Device Benchmarking vs Accuri
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  • Fast, reliable Cell and Particle analysis: → detection, characterization & viability
  • Portable, low cost device.
  • Technology as sensitive as traditional flow cytometry; benchmarked against gold standards: BD’s Accuri and Sysmex XP-300.

The Inish device is a portable hematology analyzer which provides results in just 60 seconds. With a simple three-step testing process and the use of automated sample loader, this device is easy to use and prevents contamination. 

Blood Cell Analysis

  • Validated for Red Blood Cell (RBC) and White Blood Cell (WBC) subpopulation (3-part differential) analysis.
  • Benchmarked against gold standards (Sysmex).
  • Target: near-patient testing; emergency departments; field-use (e.g. warzone); doctor’s office.


The following specifications relate to the key components of the Inis device: Haematology Analyzer

Sample Type EDTA Whole Blood
Sample Size (µL) 30
Parameters WBC, LYM, MON, GRA, LYM%, MON%, GRA%, RBC
Throughput 60 Tests/Hour
Time to Result 60 Seconds/Sample
Sampling Method Open Tube Sampler
Tube Type Eppendorf 
Reagents Diluent; Lyse; Cleaner 
Interface Touch Screen
Size (H x W x D)  16.1" x 9.4" x 8.3"; 41 x 24 x 21 (cm) 
Weight  20lbs / 9kg 
Power Requirement  12 VDC, 5A, 60W 
Operating Temperature  0.5% CV

Performance Specification

Parameters Units  Range of Mean Reproducibility
RBC 106 Cells/µL 4~5  Open Tube Sampler
WBC 103 Cells/µL 4~8  Diluent; Lyse; Cleaner






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