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Deuterium/Halogen Fiber Light Source

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D4H Deuterium/Halogen Fiber Light Source D4H Deuterium/Halogen Fiber Light Source D4H Deuterium/Halogen Fiber Light Source (Back)

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  • UV/VIS/NIR continuous fiber optic light source
  • Wavelength range: 200-1700nm
  • Integrated shutter with switch and TTL control
  • SMA fiber optic connection
  • Separate UV and VIS bulb control
  • High output: twice the intensity (compared to conventional models)
  • High stability
  • Long Life Lamp: 2000 hours
  • External Control
  • Shutter Function

The D4H is a combined deuterium and halogen light source for UV/VIS and NIR applications. This light source is ideally suited to work with WPI’s spectrometer modules and sample cells. It supplies a continuous spectrum in the UV, VIS and NIR range from 200 nm to 1700 nm. The D4H is equipped with an integrated electrical shutter, which can be controlled by a switch or a TTL signal.


  • Matched deuterium and halogen bulbs
  • Matched optical output for WPI's flow cells and fiber optic probes
  • Ultra Low drift < 1 mAU/h @ 254 nm
  • Simple exchange of light bulbs


  • UV/VIS/NIR absorbance spectroscopy
  • Excitation light source for fluorescence applications
  • Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) detection in seawater
  • Nutrient Analysis in fresh water, drinking water and seawater using WPI's LWCCs
  • Protein detection using WPI's V-Vette or DIP UV MINI fiber optic probes




Application UV/VIS/NIR
Spectral Range 200—1700 nm
Deuterium Lamp Life 2000 hr
Tungsten/Halogen Lamp Life 2000 hr
Stability 1-2 mAU/h
Drift <1 mAU/h
Power Consumption 140 W
Power Requirements 110/240V, 50-60Hz, 1A
Shutter / TTL Trigger Yes
Max Fiber Output 1000 µm
Connections SMA
Shipping Weight 6 kg
Dimensions (W/H/L) 17.8 x 15.7 x 25 cm
Notes *Lamp life is dependent upon internal power settings.




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