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WPI offer a wide range of products designed for those working in the life science industry but just as importantly they offer great customer support and possess great product knowledge.
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Sutter Instrument

Sutter Instrument

WPI Europe is an authorized sales and service centre for Sutter Instruments and Sutter equipment.

WPI Europe offers a 2-year warranty on all Sutter equipment which includes parts, labour and shipping: if you have any issue with the equipment during the warranty period, we will take care of everything, no need to send the equipment back to Sutter in California at your own expenses.

Micropipette Fabrication

Sutter is the leader in micropipette pullers designed for fabricating glass micropipettes at a nanoscale. These fine glass micropipettes are extensively used in intra- and extracellular physiology as a means of recording electrical activity in cells and as channels for injecting a variety of substances for experimental purposes.

A wide choice of high-quality glass capillary tubing in various sizes and material compliments WPI’s range.





Sutter micromanipulators with stepper-motor drive mechanisms and ergonomic controllers that are adaptable to many different platforms.




Electrophysiology Systems

Sutter Amplifiers are ideal for electrophysiology research, the Sutter dPatch® Digital Patch Clamp Amplifier uses high-speed digital processing, matched with high-resolution data converters and paired with SutterPatch® software’s intuitive user interface, this low noise, high bandwidth device provides capabilities previously unavailable to electrophysiologists. 




Microscope & Optical Instruments

The Sutter MOM® (Movable Objective Microscope®) and Sutter SOM® (Simple Moving Microscope) have rapidly grown to become the standard for two-photon in vivo microscopy. The open frame structure of this scope gives it unsurpassed flexibility, allowing for a range of configurations.

Sutter’s optical range includes wavelength switching devices. Taking advantage of the latest in thin-film filter technology, Sutter has incorporated tunable filters into a single and 5-position filter changer, the Lambda VF-1™ and Lambda VF-5™, providing access to any center bandpass from 338 mm to 900 nm in nanometer increments.





The Sutter XenoWorks Digital Microinjector was designed for precision manipulation of cells via an easy-to-use interface. The Digital Microinjector employs two pressure ports, one for holding suspended cells, and a second channel is available for both high-pressure injection and gentle positive/ negative pressure for transfer of embryonic stem cells. Both injection duration and pressure are easily selectable using rotary knobs on the remote interface. The built[1]in compressor removes the need for an external pressure supply.




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