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Nicholas James, King's College London

Customer service was always quick and very helpful. Products all arrived quickly, were fully set up for us and have proved to be of good quality.
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iWorx TA Control Module

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IX-TA-220 DataSheet
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In keeping with our ongoing commitment to delivering the highest quality teaching experience, we embarked upon a process to make all aspects of the teaching lab as easy as possible. This process involved obtaining input from lab instructors and applying this input to the critical evaluation of all aspects of the teaching lab, from equipment setup through data collection and analysis. This process combined with 25 years of iWorx experience led to the development of the new iWorx TA, a revolutionary lab teaching solution.

Simplified Set-up

We simplified lab set-up by incorporating several sensors, that are typically standalone, within the new TA Control Module. This greatly simplifies setup, reduces confusion and the possibility that components are lost or misplaced. Enclosing the sensors also makes them more stable, resulting in quieter signals and better results.

Streamlined Calibration

We incorporated the most advanced microcontroller technology that made automated, pre-calibration of many sensors possible, including the spirometer, grip force sensor, blood pressure sensor, and temperature sensor. We even included an on-board barometric pressure sensor to ensure the highest accuracy for your spirometry labs.

Plug-in to the Future

At the same time, we kept an eye towards the future. To protect your investment going forward, iWorx developed a new proprietary interface, called iWire™, which allows the TA Control Module to interface with iWire-compatible digital sensors and simultaneously record from multiple sensors via a single iWire connection. As new labs are developed, simply plug in the new iWire-compatible sensors into the iWire ports and start recording. It’s that easy.

Student Friendly Courseware

Our lab manuals were revamped to simplify setup, without compromising the science. We simplified data analysis and report generation with the use of built-in functions and a Journal that students can use to write their report, without having to launch another program.

All Inclusive Kits

The all-in-one TA kits are complemented by easy-to-use LabScribe software that is synced with more than 350 professionally developed lab exercises. iWorx TA teaching kits deliver a fun, hands-on lab learning experience that will keep your students engaged and you focused on teaching, rather than struggling with difficult to learn and confusing hardware and software.


iWorx TA Control Module is the heart of iWorx TA teaching kits and is designed to remove many of the tedious set-up and calibration routines typically required to perform a lab. It’s like having your own Teaching Assistant to set up the equipment for you. With iWorx TA, students simply plug in the sensors and start recording and analyzing data. No other lab system is that simple. Here’s why:

  • Easy-to-Use – blood pressure, spirometer, and temperature sensors are pre-calibrated and plug and play operable.
  • Built-in Sensors – built-in spirometer, blood pressure sensor, grip force sensor, temperature sensor and pressure sensor
  • Versatile – record multiple signals simultaneously (i.e. heart rate, respiration and pulse oximetry)
  • Built-in Stimulator – built-in, software controlled low and high voltage stimulators for both human and animal experiments
  • Reproducible Results – consistent performance from lab to lab
  • Non-obsolescence – iWire digital design accommodates future lab technologies

Is Your Teaching System iWire Compatible?

Every now and then something extraordinary comes along that dramatically improves the way we do things – that’s what iWire technology is doing for the physiology teaching lab. With iWire, no other teaching system is as easy, versatile and expandable than iWorx TA teaching kits.

Current iWire devices include:
IX-B3G – 3 biopotential channels, plus 1 GSR channel
IX-BIO4 – 4 biopotential channels
IX-BIO8 – 8 biopotential channels
IX-ECG12 – 12 Lead ECG

Be sure your next teaching system is iWire compatible!







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Metabolic Assessment System

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