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Flexible needle that is perfect for filling micropipettes

WPI's MicroFil is designed to fill micropipettes easily and reliably. These flexible pipetting needles are long and have a fine tip allowing you to start the filling very close to the pipette tip, eliminating both air bubble formation and clogging due to the washing down of dust particles. The MicroFil has a luer end fitting for easy coupling to syringes and syringe filters. The transparent amber MicroFil needle is constructed from a combination of plastic and fused silica. The MicroFil plastic needle may be stored for days with the filling solution inside without clogging. Sold in packages of 5.

Tip Flexibility

The MicroFil's tip elasticity is sturdy and very flexible though not unbreakable. Since it is more flexible than stainless steel needles, moderate bending will not block or damage the MicroFil needle. The combination of plastic and fused silica in the MicroFil tip is sturdier than plastic tips, allowing easy and repeated insertions into micropipettes. MicroFil's luer fitting allows easy coupling to syringes and syringe filters.


Order code Gauge ID (µm) OD (µm) Length (mm)
MF34G-5 34 100 164 67
MF28G-5 28 250 350 97
MF28G67-5 28 250 350 67

Custom MicroFil cut to your desired length is also available.

MicroFil is constructed of fused silica, coated with Polyimide. The luer fitting is HDPP and is held in place with a medical grade UV adhesive. 


  • HDPP High Density Polypropylene–Autoclavable (Maximum temperature: 135°C)
  • Polyimide coating–Autoclavable (Maximum temperature: 400°C)
  • UV adhesive can tolerate three autoclave cycles to 80% strength, 15 min. at 130°C. It breaks down after five cycles with a strength of 15%.

NOTE: The fused silica tubing is susceptible to water intrusion that makes it more fragile. Pressurized steam increases this fragility.

Custom Length MicroFil

Custom Length MicroFil

Custom length flexible needle that are perfect for filling micropipettes

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MicroFil Flexible Needle 28 gauge, 97mm Length

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MicroFil Flexible Needle 28 gauge, 67mm Length

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MicroFil Flexible Needle 34 gauge, 67mm Length

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