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John Dolan, University of Hertfordshire

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Bench Top Vibration Isolation Platform

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BM-8 Datasheet
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The BM-8 bench top platform offers 10-100 times better performance than a full size air table in a package only 4.6 inches tall, and without air or electricity.

This vibration isolation platform is extremely easy to use and offers extreme performance. It offers a 1.5 Hz horizontal natural frequency and a 0.5 Hz vertical natural frequency. There are only two adjustments.

This is the thinnest, most portable, and most user-friendly isolator ever offered that is capable of delivering this level of performance.

The vertical curve below demonstrates the vertical 1/2 Hz performance of the BM-8. The BM-8 delivers the high performance of our larger isolators in a package only 4.6 inches tall. Horizontally, the BM-8 offers natural frequencies as low as 1.5 Hz, much better than typical air tables.



Weight: Approximately 40 lb. (16 kg)
Dimensions: 18” W x 20” D x 4.6” H
(457mm W x 508mm D x 117mm H)
Approximate payload weight range:    
Model Payload Range Price
25BM-8 10 - 30 lb (4.5 - 14 kg) POA
50BM-8 25 - 55 lb (11 - 25 kg) POA
100BM-8 50 - 105 lb (23 - 48 kg) POA
125BM-8 90 - 130 lb (40 - 59 kg) POA
150BM-8 125 - 155 lb (57 - 70 kg) POA
175BM-8 150 - 180 lb (68 - 81.5 kg) POA
200BM-8 175 - 205 lb (79.5 - 93 kg) POA
225BM-8 200 - 230 lb (90.5 - 104 kg) POA
250BM-8 225 - 255 lb (102 - 115.5 kg) POA
  • Horizontal frequencies are weight dependent.
  • Horizontal frequency of 1.5 Hz is achieved at or near the upper limit of the payload range.
  • At the lower limits of the payload range, the horizontal frequency is approximately 2.5 Hz.
  • Vertical frequency is tunable to 0.5 Hz throughout the payload range,
Simple Set-Up and Adjustment    







Bench Top Vibration Isolation Platform

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