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Aladdin SyringeSIX Programmable 6 Channel Syringe Pump - Holds 2, 4 up to 140 cc or 6 syringes of up to 60 cc

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Aladdin AL-1600 SyringeSIX 6 Channel Syringe Pump

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AL-1600 Instruction manual
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  • Holds 2, 4 or 6 syringes of up to 140 mL

  • Infusion rates from 0.001 µL/hr (0.5 µL syringe) to 2376 mL/hr (140 mL syringe)

  • Operates stand-alone or from a computer

  • Programmable preset protocols

  • RS-232 and TTL logic control interfaces

  • Motor stall detection

  • Non-volatile memory of all parameters and programming

  • Upgradeable memory

  • Dispensing accuracy of ±1%

Channels 6
Type Infusion / Withdrawal
Flow Range 0.001 µL/hr (0.5 µL syringe) to 2376 mL/hr (140 mL syringe)
Dispensing Accuracy ±1%
Syringe Sizes Accepted 0.5 µL to 140 mL
Linear Force Applied To All Syringes 160 lb at low speed; 30 lb at maximum speed


The AL-1600 Programmable Syringe Pump is perfect for situations requiring flexibility or automation. 

With a variety of pumping rates (0.45 µL/hr to 2376 mL/hr), infusion and withdraw capability, and pumping phases that can be programmed, the AL-1600 was designed for automation. This pump can handle applications like simple infusions, as well as complex pumping programs.

You can program up to 41 pumping phases that change pumping rates, set dispensing volumes, insert pauses, control and respond to external signals, or sound an alarm. Connect two pumps with a dual cable (WPI #GN-TTL) to create a dual pump system that allows for continuous infusion or emulsification. If required, you can network, control and monitor up to 100 pumps with a single computer.

AL-1600 Six-Channel Syringe Pump Example Flow Rates

Syringe Size Maximum Rate Minimum Rate
0.5 µL 17.45 µL/hr 0.001 µL/hr
1 mL 36.19 mL/hr 0.452 µL/hr
3 mL 153.2 mL/hr 1.914 µL/hr
5 mL 255 mL/hr 3.185 µL/hr
10 mL 415.9 mL/hr 5.195 µL/hr
20 mL 661.4 mL/hr 8.26 µL/hr
30 mL 862.8 mL/hr 10.78 µL/hr
60 mL 1451 mL/hr 18.1 µL/hr
140 mL 2376 mL/hr 29.7 µL/hr

NOTE: This product is not approved for clinical use on humans.


Syringe Sizes Up to 60mL(140mL partially filled)
Number of Syringes 2, 4 or 6
Motor Type Step Motor, 1/8 to 1/4 step modes
Steps per Revolution 200
Advance per Step 0.132291667µM to 0.264583333µM depending on motor speed
Motor to Drive Screw Ratio 5/1
Drive Screw Pitch 24 revolutions/inch
Power Supply Wall adapter 12V DC @ 1000 mA
DC Connector 2.5mm, center positive
Power Supply Type Unregulated linear external wall adapter, country and power source specific
Dimensions 26.03 x 38.1 x 12.7 cm (10 1/4 x 15 x 5 in.)
Weight 4,595 kg (10.125 lbs)
Max. Speed 3.4917cm/min
Min. Speed 0.0026cm/hr
Max. Pumping Rate 1163 mL/hr. with a B-D 60cc syringe
Min. Pumping Rate 0.454 μL/hr. with a B-D 1cc syringe
Max. Force applied to all syringes 160 lbs. at minimum speed, 30 lbs. at maximum speed 


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Pump-to-pump Network Cable, 7 ft for Aladdin series pumps

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Pump-to-pump Network Cable, 25 ft for Aladdin series pumps

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PC to pump cable, 25 ft for Aladdin series pumps

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Footswitch for Aladdin programmable syringe pumps

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PC to pump cable, 7 ft for Aladdin series pumps

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Pump-to-pump reciprocating cable for Aladdin series pumps

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