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Dr Andy MacKenzie, University of the West of Scotland

I have had dealings with WPI for several years and have consistently found their customer service to be second-to-none. They have always provided fast and insightful responses to any technical query and such support has been of enormous help to my laboratory.
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PicoNozzle Kit

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  • For use with the PV820 and PV830
  • For use with 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.65mm pipettes
  • Kit includes 5' of tubing

The PicoNozzle Kit (version 2), the 5430-ALL, allows micropipettes to be securely mounted in micropositioners for stable axial air delivery. Because air enters the pipette axially, lateral whipping during injection is eliminated.

NOTE: Each PicoPump is supplied with a 5430-ALL kit.

This kit contains:
(2) PicoNozzle tip assemblies (Handle diameter is 6.25 x 100mm.)
(2) 5’ tubing
(4) 1.0mm pipette gaskets (green)
(4) 1.2mm pipette gaskets (black)
(4) 1.5mm pipette gaskets (red)
(4) 1.65mm pipette gaskets (white)





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