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Nicholas James, King's College London

Customer service was always quick and very helpful. Products all arrived quickly, were fully set up for us and have proved to be of good quality.
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Spare Parts Kit For Nanoliter2020

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The Spare Parts Kits for NANOLITER2020 includes the following: 

Order code Descriptions Qty
14456  Allen Wrench 0.035 Hex Tool 1
MF34G  MicroFil 34 ga 1
300733 * O-Ring Kit for NANOLITER2020 5
3563  1 cc Syringe 1
300514 Replacement Piston for NANOLITER2020 2


* 300733 O-ring Kit includes the following:

Order code Descriptions Qty
300500  Spacer (white colored)
300501  Sealing O-ring (black colored)  1
75122-1  Front Gasket Green, 1 mm  1
75122-2  Front Gasket Black, 1.2 mm  1
75122-3  Front Gasket Red, 1.5 mm  1





Nanoliter2020 Injector

Nanoliter2020 Injector

Precise nanoliter-volume injections with intuitive SMARTouch™ controller

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