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Dr Gary Lawrence, Dublin City University

WPI are my preferred supplier for tissue and cell recording instrumentation. In my experience, WPI representatives have an excellent level of technical expertise and they have always responded in a timely manner with the most helpful, patient and instructive advice to aid the development of the o...
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How to Mount an Electrode Holder on Your Micromanipulator

How to Mount an Electrode Holder on Your Micromanipulator

The M3301 is a popular micromanipulator used for laboratory research. Here we will show you how to mount a microelectrode holder on the M3301 Micromanipulator. The procedure is very similar for most manual micromanipulators.

In this video, we use the popular M3301 Micromanipulator to demonstrate how to mount a standard electrode holder. This M3301 is mounted on an M-3 Tilt Base which allows you to position it the way you want. The Tilt Base is mounted on a 5-lb. Weighted Base (WPI #5464) for stability. To mount the microelectrode holder on the micromanipulator:

  1. Loosen the knurled thumb screw on the top of the micromanipulator.
  2. Slide your microelectrode holder under the clamp and position where you want it.
  3. Tighten the knurled thumb screw.

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