Sapphire Blades are a precise and durable solution for use in microsurgery, dissection, and related applications.

How are Sapphire Blades Manufactured?

Sapphire blades are created using a chemical process which forms an artificial sapphire. The sapphire has a hardness value of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, slightly below the hardest mineral on earth- the diamond.  This characteristic provides supreme durability and sharpness to the blade.

Why Choose a Sapphire Blade?

Ultra sharp

Ultra Sharp

The sapphire blade's ultra sharp edge creates fine and precise cuts that prevent tissue damage and promote faster healing with less scarring.

easy to use

Easier Use

The sapphire knife's ergonomic grip offers an easier grasp and is designed to be used with WPI's blades.

Longer lasting

Longer Lasting

The blade's chemical composition provides a durable edge that lasts longer than steel surgical instruments, saving costs for your practice.

greater precision

Greater Precision

The blade's sharp point and transparent finish allows greater precision in hair restoration, opthalmic microsurgery, or cosmetic procedures.


Sterilization Versatility

Sapphire blades may be sterilized using any currently known procedure. The blades are corrosion free and resistant to saline solution.

When handled with care, the sapphire blade can last for over 100 fine and precise cuts.


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