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WPI offer a wide range of products designed for those working in the life science industry but just as importantly they offer great customer support and possess great product knowledge.
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Vannas – The Popular Micro Spring Scissors for Delicate Work

Vannas – The Popular Micro Spring Scissors for Delicate Work

Scissors are cutting instrument with two blades joined together at a pivot point so that the sharp edges glide against each other to shear material that is between the blades. Micro scissors are often called Vannas or spring scissors. Fine tip scissors (like these Vannas) are ideal for use in very restricted spaces. Here we examine some of our popular Vannas scissors



Ambidextrous Use

Vannas scissors are perfect for right- or left-hand use, and are designed for ophthalmological procedures and neurosurgical application, which require a delicate incision of tissue.

Less Tissue Trauma

You can make quick, accurate cuts with minimal tissue damage, because these fine scissor blades are sharp. Vannas scissors work well under a dissection microscope.

Curved or Straight Tips

Curve-tipped scissors are a good choice when you want to avoid cutting underlying tissues. Curved blades provide a better visual of the working area. Straight blades may be used for any type of incision.

The blade tips can be straight, curved or angled.

Choose the Correct Tip Length for Your Scissors

When selecting a pair of scissors, the length of the scissor tips should match the depth of the incision you need to make. For shallow cuts, use scissors with a shorter tip, and for deeper cuts use longer tips.


WPI offers a variety of premium Vannas scissors made of stainless steel or titanium like the ones we have featured here. If you have any questions, just give us a call.


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