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John Dolan, University of Hertfordshire

Julian at WPI provides excellent service and advice. Nothing is too much trouble.
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WPI partner with CellScale to offer an extensive range of mechanical testing, cell stimulation and microphysiological systems for characterizing the mechanical properties of biomaterials.

Browse WPI Biomaterial Testing to view CellScale and other products including

Mechanical Test Systems

Mechanical Bioreactors

  • MCJ1 – 6 specimen tension stimulation

  • MCTX – 6 specimen compression stimulation

  • MCTR – 9 specimen hydrostatic stimulation

  • MCFX – 16 well uniaxial stimulation with microscopy

  • MCB1  – biaxial stimulation

  • MCT6 – 6 specimen uniaxial stimulation

Microphysiological System

  • VitroFlo – provides unidirectional controlled flow without the need for pumps, tubes or valves

CellScale Product Overview

CellScale Product Overview Download product overview of the CellScale range

Our Clients Include:

University College London
Imperial College
University of Cambridge
University of Oxford

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